Experience in working with for profit and non-profit educational institutions in elementary and secondary education. From charter schools to online education, as well as community colleges to universities, our professionals provide strategy and insights on a broad range of issues with regards to policy and an understanding of the legislative process to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives.

Health Care

At Clarus, our experience with private and not-for-profit hospitals and health systems helps out clients to navigate the different issues facing health care today. Many health care providers face strains on their resources, and we help organizations identify opportunities for needed improvements, expansion of health care services, and understanding of the regulatory environment in which they operate. Companies and manufacturers have utilized our expertise in understanding the complexities of industry regulations that may create barriers to their business strategies. Our team has worked with policy and decision makers to educate and develop programs that are essential to meeting the growing needs of health care in today's marketplace.


Energy -Is a lot like food and water - It is vital to human survival and is essential to business operations. Business,s that produce, store, and deliver energy must be on constant alert in the political arena of ideas for opportunities and challenges.

Clarus helps companies, trade associations, and coalitions pursue public policy objectives and influence legislative and administrative decisions. Our energy expertise is both broad and deep:

  • For more than a decade, we have worked extensively with local and national energy provides along with renewable energy interests and performance energy contracting.
  • We have helped craft and pass legislation that has help create and maintain 1000s of jobs for our energy clients.
  • We have had the opportunity to develop national energy policy through our help on the National Association of County's
  • We have worked closely with Senators, Representatives, Corporation Commissioners and staff from both political parties on all aspects of energy.

Enviorment and Natural Resources

We provide strategic advice and practical solutions for the challenges that face our clients. At Clarus, we have worked on the environmental review and regulatory process in forestry and logging, as well as watershed issues. We have helped business's with in this industry navigate the complexities of government to create jobs and more opportunity for growth and success.


At Clarus, our consulting team has been active in state-wide and federal transportation issues. We have worked with associations developing public policy benefiting industry in Arizona. We have developed coalitions to influence federal policy and funding for multi-state projects in transportation, delivery, and roadways. We represent companies with diverse technologies and delivery systems, that are seeking regulatory changes and reform.

Our Clients